“Crossing the Horizon both thrills and entrances…”

Crossing the Horizon - Chris Lastovicka, music / E.M. Lauricella, libretto

On the most literal level, Crossing the Horizon is a spoken-word opera about alien abduction. At the same time, this piece enacts a journey of spiritual significance: The characters must face the presence of a powerful and unexplainable force in order to become whole.

“Chris Lastovicka and E. M. Lauricella have achieved an extraordinary accomplishment in this haunting, evocative, and deeply moving opera. Courageously, they lead us on a journey of redemption, of death and renewal, from the dire implications of what it means to stray from our human path, and to a vision of what it means to finally come home.”
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—Dr. Veronica Goodchild  Pacifica Graduate Institute
Author of Songlines of the Soul: Pathways to a New Vision for a New Century

“Crossing the Horizon is one of the few musical works that treats the subject with respect and a genuine approach in its portrayal of this subject. The British UFO Research Association welcomes this as an example of what can be produced to reflect the serious aspects of the UFO phenomena.”

— The British UFO Research Association BUFORA