Crossing the Horizon: A contemporary opera about UFO abduction

Crossing the Horizon was selected for New York City Opera’s VOX: Showcasing American Composers festival, and was a finalist in the OperaVista International Chamber Opera Competition (Houston).

Crossing the Horizon is funded in part by the Composer Assistance Program of New Music USA, New York Foundation for the Arts, and The Arts Center of the Capital Region.

About Crossing the Horizon

Crossing the Horizon tells the contemporary story of UFO abduction from the perspective of one woman through the lenses of three aspects of her awareness: Zoe is the voice of consciousness, Clio is the voice of memory, and Ursula represents an understanding both ancient and visionary.

Cast & Instrumentation:

Clio — soprano
Zoe — mezzo-soprano
Ursula — contralto

2 violins, 2 cellos, trumpet, horn, piano


Scene 1 (tracks 1-3) begins at sunset. The three aspects of awareness –Ursula, Clio and Zoe– are introduced. Clio recounts the beginnings of her encounters with the aliens and her abduction. Zoe speaks of how she viewed life before the abduction.

Scene 2 (tracks 4-6) takes place in the darkness of night. Clio recounts her experiences on the UFO, which involve physical experimentation and mental penetration by the aliens. Zoe becomes aware of the events that have happened to her and reacts in fear, anger, and awe.

In Scene 3 (tracks 7-10), there is the growing light of morning, culminating in sunrise. Clio relates the final and most intimate portions of her experience, including the presentation of her hybrid child. Zoe moves through anger and awe to an embrace of human consciousness. Ursula speaks strongly in affirmation of human, earthly experience.